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On 14-16 May 2021, the National Space Centre will be hosting a FREE virtual weekend of talks, Q&A sessions, workshops and fun fan and family experiences to celebrate British Science Fiction. Special guests include Joanna Lumley, Alex Kingston and Paul McGann.

BritSciFi will be a celebration of Doctor Who, Blake’s 7, Sapphire and Steel, Thunderbirds, The Prisoner, The Tomorrow People and many other iconic science fiction films, TV programmes, books, comics, games and art. https://spacecentre.co.uk/event/britscifi/

Friday will see sessions for schools, children, families and fans including the science behind the shows, and a chance to learn how to develop characters and build new worlds. This kicks off into a weekend of special guest Q&A sessions, workshops and social sessions with many of the fantastic groups who have previously supported our events at the Centre. Our guests and hosts are all giving their time freely to support the event, however, there will be opportunities to purchase autographs and merchandise throughout.

BritSciFi will be hosted on the National Space Centre’s Facebook page and YouTube channel with a mix of live and pre-recorded Q&As and sessions with special guests from iconic BritSciFi series. Submit your questions now on the Centre’s Facebook event page or Twitter and Instagram pages.

Guests and Attractions
The National Space Centre is thrilled to announce it will be joined for #BritSciFi Q&As by Joanna Lumley (Sapphire & Steel), Alex Kingston, Paul McGann, David Bradley, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Dan Starkey and Sophie Aldred (all Doctor Who), as well as Mike Holloway, Nicholas Young and Peter Vaughan Clarke (all The Tomorrow People).

There will be fun for all the family at home with a space-themed Online Escape Room by The Gamelab called “Adventures in Time and Space Centre”. There is even a prize for the fastest team to complete the challenge during the Festival weekend.

Costuming groups The 15th UK Cyber Legion, Project Dalek and The Sons of Skaro will be all be taking part in the festival too, with a chance to find out what the Cybermen have been up to in lockdown and join the Centre for a virtual Audience with the Daleks.  

Creating BritSciFi

The festival also offers the opportunity for those interested in books, audiobooks, comics, art, and cosplay to hear from the creators of BritSciFi about how they create exciting stories featuring new worlds and characters. Meet the writers, script editors, producers, sound designers and musicians from Big Finish Productions in an end-to-end oversight of an audio production. Fantom Publishing will be hosting an exclusive “Who Talk” session, whilst Penguin Random House Audio Senior Producer Chris Thompson will share an insight into adapting scripts, sound design and their best-selling 2000 AD graphic novels adaptations