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Devon's Top Attractions Re-Open

Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel for Devon's leading visitor attractions as they announce their reopening dates and plans. This announcement will come as welcome news for everyone in the Devon tourism sector as it starts to come out of the third National lockdown in the last 12 months and our nation makes its way forward towards life on a more normal footing.

The Chairman of ‘Devon’s Top Attractions’ and South Devon Railway PR manager, Dick Wood, said: “It’s obviously been the toughest and most challenging year for everyone in living memory, but our member visitor attractions and tourism in Devon has been one of the hardest-hit business sectors through the long, enforced closures.
“This third lockdown has been another blow for our 36 member attractions, some of whom are unable to open their doors again until May 17th, although some are starting limited operations from 12 April under the current recovery roadmap. But it means that many of our members have now missed both the February Half Term and Easter holidays trade, plus the May Day Bank Holiday weekend too.
“As some attractions take 20% of their total annual income at Easter, Covid restrictions will inevitably now impact on their businesses both this year and last.  But our member attractions have shown remarkable strength and adaptability over the last 12 months, and innovation has become their forte to overcome the obstacles faced and we are all gearing up fast now for re-opening and surviving a year without income.
“So, we are all looking forward to a good Summer and -- with the considerable uncertainty of overseas travel remaining -- we hope to ‘make hay’ in what’s being dubbed the ‘Great Staycation Year’. I hope this will give a much needed boost to the region’s tourism industry and so help our Devon attractions bounce back.”


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