Annan, Dumfries & Galloway
DG12 5LL
t: 01461 207 817
Contact: Vicki Hamilton

Minutes from the M74/M6, Annandale Distillery is the first and last Distillery in Scotland! Take a tour and learn how we make fine Single Cask, Single Malt Scotch Whiskey, with our unique twin copper pot still distillation process. Plus, meet and eat at The Maltings, with hearty dishes, hot drinks and afternoon tea.

The former Johnnie Walker site closed in the early 1920s and fell into dereliction. It was only by chance that Oxfordshire businessman David Thomson, born and raised in nearby Dumfries, and his wife Teresa Church discovered the distillery in 2007, within the pages of ‘Scotch Missed’, a roundup of forgotten Scotch whisky distilleries. Within months, the site was theirs and a £14m restoration project began. With the help of technical consultant Jim Swan, the plant was designed to achieve a sensory profile that the couple felt was missing from the Scotch whisky landscape, and the distillery reopened and started producing in November 2017. The summer of 2018 saw the launch of two single cask, single malt Scotch whisky expressions: Man O’Words and Man O’Sword.

Man O’Words is a fresh and free-spirited whisky, inspired by Scotland’s national poet (and Exciseman in Annandale) Robert Burns, which offers excellent balance between fruit and vanilla, and ‘intriguing depth’. Man O’Sword pays tribute to local hero, King Robert the Bruce (7th Earl of Annandale).  It challenges the misconception that distilleries in the south of Scotland only produce light and fruity expressions, with a distinctive soft and very well-balanced smokiness. 

Classic tours run daily on the hour, and include tastings of both single malts, plus Annandale’s highly regarded clear malt spirit Rascally Liquor (Silver Medal winner at London Spirits Competition). Restoration and technical tours are available on request, as are exclusive owner tours with David Thomson. Advance booking is advised on all tours, to ensure availability at the time you would like. 

Visitors can buy Man O’Words, Man O’Sword and Rascally Liquor at the onsite gift shop, as well as Annandale’s exclusive blend Nation of Scots and a selection of beautiful gifts. 

The site also boasts a warm and welcoming coffee shop serving hot drinks, soups, sandwiches, afternoon teas and a superb selection of cakes – and of course, whisky.