Lochy Bridge
Fort William
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Ben Nevis Distillery, one of the oldest licensed distilleries in Scotland, lies at the foot of the mountain from which it takes its name . Water, from the two little meltwater lochans on the north shoulder of this most majestic of mountains, tumbles over pink and grey granite- old as time itself to form the Allt a Mhuillinn – the mill stream. After passing over wild moorland this sparkling clear water finishes its journey and is ready to start its magical transformation into the Water of Life – Uisge Beatha.

A small group of Highland men take this water, adding passion, time and patience - introducing the simplest of ingredients. The liquids produced undergo changes almost mystical in their origin, adding along the way care, making our iridescent spirit, clear as any crystal.

Their work done, mashmen and stillmen entrust this elixir to their warehousemen who decant it into the finest of hand built oak casks to be taken into still and silent warehouses. Here in the calmest of atmospheres over years (and maybe even decades) relationships born of time and alchemy form, converting this spirit into the golden glowing drink we know as Ben Nevis Scotch Whisky.

Surprisingly these processes do not take place behind closed doors or in secret, we are happy to welcome you to our distillery to share what we do and take pride in. Visitors will not only meet some of these craftsmen, meet them at work and but also then see, touch, hear, feel what we are about and who we are. Finally the visitor is taken onto our Centre built in 1825 to experience tasting from our range of Ben Nevis whiskies. Tours on several price levels are offered from an “Introduction to Ben Nevis” to the “ Executive”.

Traditional cooking based on local ingredients and home baking are available in our cosy little coffee shop and obviously our well stocked retail area carries the range of our whiskies from our classics to ever evolving Limited Editions and Special Releases.

Come and see us - Ceud Mille Failte is waiting – thig a stigh.