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Mussenden Rd, Castlerock
Hezlett House, 107 Sea Rd, Castlerock
BT51 4RP
t: 028 7084 8728

Visit the stunning landscape of Downhill Demesne and discover the remains of the 18th-century mansion of the Earl Bishop and explore Mussenden Temple. Then visit Hezlett House and learn more about life in a rural 17th century cottage.

The striking 18th-century mansion of the eccentric Earl Bishop now lies in ruin, while pretty Mussenden Temple sits perched on a cliff edge. As an extra treat visitors can learn about the reality of life in the rural 17th-century cottage of Hezlett House, one of Northern Ireland’s oldest surviving buildings.

Note: admission charge at both the Lion’s Gate and Bishop’s Gate entrances, and Hezlett House. Suitable footwear advisable for walking.

Special interest tours:

The Bishop's Tour

With fabulous clifftop walks and views over Ireland's wild north coastal headland, the Downhill domain, once home to its flamboyant creator Earl Bishop Hervey, provides a dramatic setting for this tour. Discover history as you walk through the gardens at Bishop's Gate, towards the stunning Mussenden Temple.
 Duration 1 hour 30 minutes.

Charges may apply, for more information please contact the property.