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World Oceans Day - Online Festival

The National Maritime Museum (NMM) will hold a day-long festival of activities to mark World Oceans Day for the third consecutive year on 8 June 2020. With social distancing measures limiting gatherings, and cultural institutions temporarily closed, Royal Museums Greenwich (RMG) will mark the day with a completely digital festival, a first for the organisation.


NMM is partnering with individuals and organisations from across the world to provide a day-long schedule of exciting programming, accessible to virtual visitors through RMG’s World Oceans Day 2020 web portal. This hub for the digital festival will allow virtual visitors to engage in innovative activities and explore RMG’s extensive online resources from home. Those taking part in World Oceans Day activities will also be encouraged to share their experiences on social media using the hashtag #WorldOceansDay, which will connect them not only with their fellow virtual visitors to the Museum, but to other worldwide participants, in this international day of action.

Highlights of World Oceans Day 2020 online festival include a welcome by Royal Museums Greenwich Director Paddy Rodgers, a specially curated music mix by BBC Radio DJ and presenter Nick Luscombe, home learning craft and kitchen science videos, interviews with scientists and oceanography experts, an online scavenger hunt, a panel discussion with live Q&A, and a live online quiz.

The variety of events on offer as part of NMM’s World Oceans Day 2020 online festival aims to encourage visitors to act as caretakers of the ocean - allowing participants of all ages to discover the diverse and beautiful ocean creatures and habitats, how our daily actions affect them, and how we are all interconnected.

“The Museum recognises the importance of highlighting issues related to maritime sustainability and good ocean stewardship.” says Laura Boon, Contemporary Maritime Curator at NMM. “A healthy world ocean is critical to our survival as it generates much of the oxygen we breathe, helps feed us, and regulates our climate. Together we can and must protect and restore our ocean.”

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  • Join a live online quiz to be tested on everything from weird creatures of the deep to songs of the sea and maritime history. Sign up via Eventbrite:
  • Discover the secrets of our oceans with craft and science sessions, perfect for Home Learning.
  • Join presenter Helen Czerski and special guests for a deep-dive discussion into our relationship with the ocean.
  • Take time out and tune in to an exclusive World Oceans Day mix from BBC Radio 3 DJ and presenter Nick Luscombe.



(Subject to change)

10:00am         World Oceans Day 2020 Welcome Message from Royal Museums Greenwich Director Paddy Rodgers

10:10am         Ocean Conservation Q&A with Dr Lucy Woodall

10:30am         Ocean at Home Learning Activities

11:30am         Kitchen Science with the Royal Observatory Greenwich - Episode 1, Salinity and Density

12:00pm        Antarctica Craft Series – ‘Flow’ with Alice McCabe

12:30pm        Longitudinal Dialogues – The Displaced by Serge Attukwei Clottey, followed by virtual Q&A

1:00pm          World Oceans Day Music Mix by Nick Luscombe

2:00pm          Antarctica Craft Series – ‘Ice, Wind, Water’ with Anna Kompaniets

2:30pm          Kitchen Science with the Royal Observatory Greenwich - Episode 2, Salinity and the Sea

3:00pm          Antarctica Craft Series – ‘Sea Creatures’ with Jo McCormick

3:30pm          Kitchen Science with the Royal Observatory Greenwich - Episode 3, Salinity, Temperature and the Sea

4:00pm          Antarctica Craft Series – ‘Engine Room’ with Geoff Copeland

4:30pm          Episode 1 - ‘Antarctica’ Online Scavenger Hunt by Knaive Theatre

5:00pm          World Oceans Day Panel Discussion

6:45pm          World Oceans Day Live Online Quiz (for 6:50pm start)




World Oceans Day Quiz 
Take part in a live World Oceans Day Quiz, and test your general knowledge about oceanography, marine life, the environment, and songs related to the ocean. This fun and friendly event is free and open to all who want to join for some ocean knowledge fun.
Sign up via Eventbrite:


World Oceans Day Music Mix by Nick Luscombe

Take time out and tune in to an exclusive music mix from DJ and radio presenter Nick Luscombe. “As someone who grew up in Plymouth (now known as Britain's Ocean City) I've long been inspired by the sea as a pathway to new places, people, ideas and opportunities,” he says. “My mix of music draws on those feelings - some tracks are quite literal and others, I hope, share a sense of adventure through sound.”


Longitudinal Dialogues – The Displaced by Serge Attukwei Clottey, followed by Online Studio Visit
The Line, London’s first dedicated public art walk, presents a screening of The Displaced by Ghanaian artist Serge Attukwei Clottey. The film powerfully captures a performance on the beach in Accra which Clottey developed with members of his GoLokal performance collective. Through the film, Clottey explore his family’s ancestral migration aboard a canoe on the ocean. Following the screening, watch a film of the artist in his studio in Accra as he introduces his approach and discusses issues raised in his work. This event is the first iteration of The Line’s Longitudinal Dialogues programme, which develops cultural conversations along the Greenwich Meridian.



Kitchen Science with the Royal Observatory Greenwich

In this series of how-to videos, scientists from the Royal Observatory Greenwich will use simple experiments with household objects to illustrate how the currents in the world's oceans are driven by salinity and temperature, and how the changing global climate is affecting our oceans.

Ocean Science in your Kitchen – Episode 1, Salinity and Density

Ocean Science in your Kitchen – Episode 2, Salinity and the Sea

Ocean Science in your Kitchen – Episode 3, Salinity, Temperature and the Sea


Antarctica Craft Series

Join artists and friends of the National Maritime Museum for a series of art workshops inspired by World Oceans Day.

‘Flow’ with Alice McCabe - Use foraged foliage to make an arrangement inspired by hot and cold ocean currents and the circumpolar current that keeps Antarctica cool

‘Ice, Wind, Water’ with Anna Kompaniets - Learn to make something from nothing in this crochet workshop that uses recycled materials to mimic the Antarctic environment

‘Sea Creatures’ with Jo McCormick - Create a fantastical print of the deep sea creatures that call Antarctica home, using household objects.

‘Engine Room’ with Geoff Copeland - Explore the idea of Antarctica as engine room for global climate in this print-making workshop.


Ocean at Home Learning Activities

Ocean in a bag (Early Years activity) - Early years can explore the colours of our oceans in this sensory activity. Use recycled materials and artwork from the Royal Museums Greenwich collection to inspire a marine artwork.

Ocean in a bottle (Key Stage 2 Activity) - Older learners will be inspired by the magnificence of the oceans and to create their own ocean in a bottle using recycled materials.


‘Antarctica’ Online Scavenger Hunt by Knaive Theatre

Nothing is as it seems in 'Antarctica', a daring online scavenger hunt from Knaive Theatre, commissioned by UK Antarctic Heritage Trust as part of its cultural programme Antarctica In Sight. Explore the science of the White Continent from the safety your computer in this unique and empowering online encounter. Discover Episode One on the World Oceans Day online portal and continue your adventure from there.



World Oceans Day Panel Discussion
Physicist, Oceanographer, TV presenter and Royal Museums Greenwich Trustee Helen Czerski will host a discussion between four panellists, exploring our relationship with the ocean. Panellists include artist Dr Michael Pinsky, Laura Boon, Lloyd’s Register Foundation Public Curator: Contemporary Maritime at Royal Museums Greenwich, along with Professor Alex Rogers, Deep Sea ecologist and current Science Director of REV Ocean and Lisa Koperqualuk, Vice President of International Affairs for the Inuit Circumpolar Council Canada. 


Ocean Conservation Q&A

In this video series, we aim quick fire questions at experts in ocean conservation. In this episode, we ask Dr Lucy Woodall, Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford, what it is like to travel to the depths of the ocean in a submarine, all about the creatures that make the deep their home and the effects plastics are having on the ocean. 



Venue:                        National Maritime Museum, Greenwich |

Dates:                     8 June 2020

Visitor enquiries:     020 8858 4422 |

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