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Visit Wiltshire Supports Local Businesses

VisitWiltshire has created an Instagram story to be used on the social media platform to encourage people to tag the account of their favourite place to eat, to grab a drink, to visit and to stay, in Wiltshire. VisitWiltshire is asking people to share this image to their personal Instagram story and nominate friends to do the same.

Wiltshire’s Destination Management Organisation, VisitWiltshire, has launched a social media campaign to help businesses in Wiltshire during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

The objective of this campaign is to raise awareness of businesses in Wiltshire and to drive people who are local to Wiltshire, and previous visitors, to their Instagram pages. Businesses that rely on tourism will be facing financial hardship at this time and by helping to increase their online presence, VisitWiltshire hopes businesses will benefit from this activity in the future when they are able to trade again and see new customers from people based in Wiltshire and new, and returning visitors.  

This Instagram story is the first in a series that will be posted by VisitWiltshire over the next month, that aims to highlight different businesses in Wiltshire.

 Fiona Errington, Head of Marketing, said: “We’re excited about launching this campaign. We hope that people local to Wiltshire and previous visitors, will get behind this and support our businesses in a time when they desperately need our help.  

“With this campaign, we want to inspire people living in Wiltshire to visit different restaurants, pubs, attractions and accommodation providers, when it’s safe for these businesses to open their doors again. We also want to encourage people who have visited Wiltshire previously, to return, and visit places they haven’t been to before. We’re also hoping to inspire people who haven’t been to our beautiful county before, to do so in the future.”

 VisitWiltshire will be posting to its Instagram page this week @visitwiltshire until Friday, 10 April.