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The Famous Grouse Experience at Glenturret Distillery offers a unique experience; to see how single malt whisky is made at the oldest working distillery in Scotland, and to learn about the mastery behind the blending of Scotland’s favourite whisky, The Famous Grouse.

On arrival, grab the opportunity to get a photo with the biggest bottle of whisky in the world, a bottle of Famous Grouse standing at 5ft tall and filled with 228 litres of Famous Grouse whisky! After that allow one of our knowledgeable and enthusiastic hosts to take you on a tour through our experience.
Situated in the picturesque heart of Perthshire we have cultivated a selection of 11 specially crafted tours where you can taste and learn about Scotland's national drink.
Starting with our Distillery Experience you can see how Glenturret is produced. A single malt made truly by hand and by heart, with traditional values and methods used all the way throughout production, including the last hand mashed tun in Scotland. From there you go on to learn about Famous Grouse, from its small beginnings in a grocers shop in Perth, through to it becoming the iconic brand that is known around the globe today. Find out how our master blender carefully selects each and every one of the single malt and grains whiskies that will go into The Famous Grouse, bringing them all together to create the unique flavour that has made our whisky famous worldwide! Finishing off, you are guided through two tastes of whiskies, the classic Famous Grouse Blend and a Glenturret Single Malt.
If that’s not quite enough to whet your appetite there are plenty other options for you. Our tasting tours allow you to try a further selection of whiskies, be it blends or single malts, and you can even choose to pair them with food created especially by our head chef to compliment the whiskies.
For those who feel like they could give our master blender a run for their money, give our Blending Experience a try! Take the time to blend together a whisky and decide exactly what flavours you want in your very own unique creation.
These are just a few of the tour options we have available so whether you are a whisky connoisseur or new to the golden nectar, there’s a tour for you!
Not just a whisky experience, you can also enjoy a great coffee or soup and sandwich in our Glenturret Café while the 1775 Restaurant offers afternoon tea and lunch. For those looking for a little retail therapy, take a gander at our selection of unique gifts in our welcoming shop!
So, whether it’s to soak up the atmosphere, to concoct a beautiful blend, or to treat yourself to a taste sensation, it’s time to refresh your senses and visit The Famous Grouse Experience at Glenturret Distillery.